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Real-time analysis of your incentive program will enable you to calculate the return on investment (ROI), the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns and e-store, and virtually track every aspect of your online incentive program.

Confidential reports are password protected and viewed online using a standard Web browser.

Reports can be: Daily, Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Directory, File Type, Errors, Failed URLs, Client, Country, Organization, URL, Page, Browser, OS, Referrals, Keyword search, Depth Analysis, Correlation Analysis...and more!

Click Stream analysis tracks every single click a user makes on your incentive site. This is essential for auditing specific users activity.

We also offer historical and E-Commerce reports such as Circulation and Loyalty, Total Time Online and Authenticated user history.

Correlation analysis and depth analyses provide new levels of understanding about the effectiveness and operation of your incentive program.

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