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Incentive Management

The RP Design Web Services Incentive Management System (IMS) is a software and hardware platform designed to manage all aspects of your incentive campaign.

Our secure, web-based systems allow:

1. Administrators to enter employee reward points based on that company‚s criteria (e.g., sales, service, etc.)

2. Employees to check their points and look at an online catalog of rewards and order items using reward points. When an employee redeems rewards, the points are deducted from their account.

3. Managers to track the program via automated tools that create tax reports, employee status reports, etc. The IMS gives you ease-of-use, breadth of functionality, unlimited scalability, fast processing speed, and the flexibility to manage even the most complex incentive tasks.

  • Versatile: IMS fits your needs, whether your goal is to increase sales, retain valuable employees, reward strong job performance or build customer loyalty.

  • Flexible: Incorporates your existing sales incentive program.

  • Scalable: IMS accommodates any number of participants. of participants.

  • Performance Directed: The online awards catalog allows you to customize product selection, generating ongoing excitement for program goals and rewards.

  • Integrated: IMS provides advanced tracking and communication tools.

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