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The IMS can be installed on a local server inside your institution. Or we can set up your sales tracking system on our server and provide you with secure access to your information, reports and analysis.

There are two levels of security - server and domain. We provide secure servers that do not identify themselves to help hackers and are periodically "Ethically Hacked" to insure the highest level of security as well as conversation encryption. At the domain level, there are features to secure the access that are part of the system administration and features that promote secure practice.

Secure Administration
  • Manage Access Rights - Give selected people access to sensitive information, while insuring that all others are blocked
    • Up to four levels of security (user, administrator, manager, director)
    • Add and delete user access rights
    • Mask sensitive data

Promote secure practices
  • Password protect login
  • Enforce Session timeout
  • Account lockout
  • Discourage cross site scripting
  • Screen user input at both browser and server
  • Hide Web server version
  • No caching of sensitive data in memory
  • Log IP Hopping
  • Prevent concurrent sessions

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